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Platypuslord18 karma

They need physical therapy and then to continue the exercises and stretching for the rest of their lives until a cure or medicine that can truly suppress it is found. No one wants to stretch for 30 minutes daily with this condition but they need too. I recommend a Bluetooth set of headphones and music or some sort of audiobook / lecture while stretching to keep the mind off the pain and to keep it from being so mind numbingly boring.

Too much movement will make things worse but not enough movement will also have the same effect. The one thing that no one told me for the longest time is that you can be too inflamed to stretch after doing exercise and that they need to listen to their body on if they shouldn't do it.

Also they need to get on a biologic, rejecting them is insane. Most of the associated risks aren't from the biologic but the underlying condition. Having immune disorders increases the risk of developing most types of cancer, so the biologic's cancer warnings are a joke and only exist because the data was being compared to the healthy population and not the immune compromised.