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Before you say “that’s because they commit more crime”, you’d be wrong, it’s actually less.

That's simply factually untrue, unless you're trying to weasel from "locked up at a higher FREQUENCY" to "commit [less] crime OVERALL".

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I can't believe that shitty commodity pizza costs the school a dollar a square. I would've guessed 50 cents a serving max? Any decent pizzeria can put out a similarly-sized piece of pizza for a dollar that's more than just barely edible. I come from Pizzatown, USA, but that's ridiculous. Unless they're getting SUBSTANTIAL bulk discounts, kids deserve better.

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Nice AMA. I have an odd interest in penology- especially concerning the drug war- and I know quite a bit about federal and state prison systems, but I've never had the chance to talk to someone who's spent time in a military prison. My questions mainly concern your time there:

  1. Any idea how security levels are assigned in the military system or if there's much of a difference between levels (like in the federal system, where the relatively laid-back minimum-security camps and the notoriously brutal maximum-security USP's are a night-and-day difference)?

  2. Was there the same level of violence/exploitation culture in the military prisons? Did the inmates seem to have a sense of camaraderie due to their service?

  3. What was your daily routine like?

  4. What was a typical meal, and would you take it over an MRE?

  5. How were snitches and sex offenders treated?

  6. Was the attitude of a typical military inmate much different than the attitude of a typical federal inmate?

Just a few off the top of my head- answer as many or as few as you want. Thanks for the AMA!

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Because the chip.