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This kills the stunt man.

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It went okay.

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Needs more power.

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Been excited about this for a while now, thanks for doing this. I have a few questions feel free to answer whatever you want.

  1. What's your white whale movie, the one you desperately want to do but is either impractical or otherwise out of reach.

  2. Paulo, has the one ring been hidden in all of your films? I feel like it was discussed early on and after Wizard of Oz spiraled delightfully out of the film and into the Wonderful Land of Oz I always hope that a film just gets taken totally off the rails.

  3. How hard is it to find films to reroll that the ayers are unaware of? How do you get to that information, I would be hard pressed to name films I haven't seen, so is it more that someone wants to GM a film and it might work better if people haven't seen it?

  4. Are casting decisions made around whether Pitr will have an opportunity to attempt an accent or not?

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  1. Haha, I make my life decisions around it.
  • Paulo

Looking forward to Pitr Strait as Dick Van Dyke as Bert in Mary Poppins.