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Huh. So my cat was intentionally getting stoned by chewing my growing plants...

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They have given the “don’t attempt rescue” in multiple areas of this thread in response to questions almost identical to this about saving a drowning person with no help or flotation. People react poorly, much as you have, indicating they don’t like the answer of “don’t rescue them, you’ll drown too” either.

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While plenty of people take drugs while pregnant, people specifically asking about it rather than just doing it without the possible considering consequences at all are usually already in a shitty situation - often its that their blood pressure or nausea is so bad that it’s causing problems for the fetus and the pregnant person is prescribed medication to lower the risk of those conditions (BP, nausea) causing harm to the baby (because the risk could cause long term harm or even a miscarriage).

The problem is that some of those drugs have serious side effects, including causing life-threatening birth defects... so it’s a total shit sandwich for the pregnant person who just wants to keep their kid safe and cause the least amount of damage to their baby. But the issue is on one hand their have a fairly well studied doctor-prescribed drug with a shaky history of birth defects and on the other hand you have a not-very-well-studied not-prescribed drug that if known to help those conditions (BP, nausea)... but you fear it might fuck up your kids brain. And your dr is telling you that if you don’t do something to treat your BP or nausea that you WILL harm your baby, and you fear that taking the medicine the dr prescribed might fuck them up, so you start grasping at straws. And there’s weed, looking fairly harmless - it doesn’t cause heart defects or missing limbs, so it seems safer - and you grew up with weed being talked about like it’s as bad as meth so you take advice on the harmfulness of weed with a hefty dash of salt these days, assuming the fear mongering is just that. A lot of people assume the dangers end with smoke (we know smoke gets fetuses via oxygen deprivation) but we have shit knowledge on other means of ingesting. And the studies done on brain development that do exist are in the infancy stage - it often features pregnant people who are ingesting or experiencing multiple negative impacts at once from stress, alcohol, and a plethora of drugs that include marijuana but don’t exclude other drugs... that’s going to result in messy data and conclusions that basically say “lots of teratogens bad but we don’t know exactly which ones did which damage”. I say this as the kid of someone who smoked and ate pot while pregnant with me and who has adhd maybe as a result (it appears it increased the likelihood of me inheriting adhd) so the topic is incredibly personal to me - I went a little nuts researching it and spoke with pharmacologists, psychologists, pharmaceutical drug researchers, marijuana experts, said parinatal nurses and drs, and adhd researchers. The best studies they were able to point me to always had murky conclusions due to the way the studies were forced to be conducted due to ethical concerns, marijuana research prohibitions, and the issue of pregnant people who use marijuana usually experiencing other issues like stress, addictions drug use, or medical issues that may have impacted the baby. The larger the study the less the results could speak to marijuana being the lone culprit, and smaller studies suffered from small sample sizes.

It sucks. We know we have pregnant people using marijuana, I wish we could just study the ones already using it to see how safe or unsafe it is, rather than pushing that research into the dark and having pregnant people just wing it.

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Adhd can have emotional reactivity symptoms - I do. My mouth is open and arguing before I can think; my foot has gone through multiple walls in meltdowns over trying to not be as much of a righteous asshole as I wanted to be in reaction to being handed a shitty situation, and I’ve broken toes on bathtubs after I got in trouble for punching through drywall.

Nobody guessed my anger issues growing up were due to adhd, not the teachers or the therapists I was sent to. If you look at a brain scan responses to emotional in a person with adhd vs without adhd the scan will show the adhd person reacting more quickly, more strongly, and staying in that reactive brain state longer than the person without adhd in response to an emotional stimuli.

But the reactive/emotional/mental health side of adhd can get better by doing mental exercises (like mindfulness exercises, meditation, therapy, adhd coaching), physical exercise (helps with adhd, yoga and Thai chi have been proven helpful but all exercise, bonus points if outdoors in nature), and medication (doesn’t help everybody, but for a lot of people it’s incredible in how it helps them focus and manage day to day emotionally). All of those things also help with general focus and the more focus/less mental health side of adhd. Age also helps because Some research (see dr Russel Barkley) theorizes that adhd brains are on average 30% younger than their their chronological age in terms of literal brain maturity - so it makes sense when people with adhd make choices that seem immature because that frontal lobe literally is (on average) 30% younger that everyone is expecting that person to behave like. Eventually adhd brains catch up around age 30.

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Ok if I had that kind of seniority to pick whatever Tripp’s I wanted I might not retire either...