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Plant-Z185 karma

How healthy/sustainable are these food products? Does the taste compare to the original real deal or is it clearly artificial?

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Do you think that it's worrying seeing the vastly different speculations issued by experts when discussing the eventual culmination/risks of the virus?

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Would you say that the coercive tactics worked in terms of deterrence and to make people do whatever the state desired?

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Companies should exempt parody and satire from their TOS bans.

Companies have already started cracking down on video memes portraying politicians or cutting off parts of what they said to make a point. Doubt parody/satire content will be exempt in the future if we continue down this route

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a lot of them are connected to human trafficking and many of the girls come from extreme poverty - working there out of desperation.

This will be overlooked by those highly valuing self-fulfilment and hedonism like (presumably) the guy you responded to.