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Wow. I would happily pack boxes for $20/hr. That's good money! Office work pay doesn't come close!

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Did you watch "Orange is the New Black"? I love the show and was wondering how far off it was in general terms. Your prison wasn't women's prison, I assume and it was probably not minimum security but, still.

Do people self-segregate by race? Is it that "tribal"?

Do they really have hidey-holes where contraband is stored/comes through?

Is it filthy? Do the inmates get assigned jobs (like janitorial/electrical/kitchen) like the show?

I can't imagine the kitchen is really like it is on the show, where they are actually cooking and chopping veggies and stuff. What's the food like?

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OMG! I thought she was cute as "Crazy Eyes" but I didn't realize how damn gorgeous she was!

Never saw this video, thanks!

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Huh. I wouldn't have thought the food was at all fresh! Better than kids' school lunches. ;P Is it the prisoners "running" the kitchen or just a few helping out?

So, prisoners can decide to not apply for any jobs? What would the typical prisoner do all day, then? And why apply for a job at all? Do they get a little money, or maybe it looks good on their record?

Thanks for answering! :D

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'Cause I like little fish!