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Presumably while he was putting ropes around them.

I just realized, that's kinda kinky.

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One thing to consider when thinking about "would we drop the bombs, given a second chance?" is that we were already dropping firebombs on their cities. We actually did way, way more damage with the firebombs than we did with the nuclear bombs.

The reason the nuclear bombs were so effective is because it was a single bomb, it was so devestating, and the nuclear fallout was a serious risk. They realized they couldn't withstand that kind of sheer force. But before that display of power, the military was unwilling to give up. Many of the soldiers didn't want to give up even after that. They heard their Emperor's voice for the first time when he came over the loud speakers and said to stop.

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You're clearly a violent criminal, not paying bills and all. Shame on you for killing people with your lack of money.

There needs to be punishment for people who don't pay child support or no one would pay it so I understand that. But maximum security? Really? The govenors of the state I live in are the ones who should be getting maximum security. Damn Illinois Crooks. You should have been in minimum security at the worst.

I hate our legal system. I'm sorry for you.

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Doin' everything right

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Make sure you have plenty of oil!