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Ttrpgs as therapy sounds very interesting, I've heard anecdotally that roleplaying a character of the other sex then one's birth sex can lead to people realizing they might be transgender, do you have any experience with that?

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Do you get the impression that the "good cops" know this about their coworkers? I can imagine that especially in more liberal places such as LA and NY, it might be more of a secret hobby.

Edit: really just guessing though, not American myself.

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How do you people determine that someone wasn't promoted because of their gender, rather than their aptitude within a field?

How do you determine that they were?

This line of reasoning sounds like you actually are biased against women, because your assumption is that they were given preferential treatment, and not that they are talented.

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Mike S, I loved The Maze of Games, are you planning on doing something similar again? The way everything was interwoven was brilliant!

Also, how do the 52 scraps of paper match the 52 cards? It's still driving me mad!