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How do you differentiate that in the long term? As a for instance, i was in a relationship where we regularly had CNC (consenting non consent) play. We were safe, we had conversations, we knew our limits and would stop if something was wrong. I have always felt that if its something that is agreed upon and something both parties enjoyed that there was nothing wrong with it. The biggest piece for it was communication and aftercare. Would you agree with that?

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Ha! Come in the pipeline

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From Pittsburgh here. One of my favorite guys at the fair was our homeless peasent. My two favorite moments I've seen with him was

  • he carried plastic silverware and would randomly ask passersbys if they wanted to spoon or to toss one on the ground and yell "look out for the fork in the road!!"

  • the other was he found a little girl (7ish) away from her parents. He stooped down and asked where they were, they were about 100 feet away eating at a table, oblivious to her running off. He smile and whispered something in her ear. She ran over to her dad and tugged on his shirt yelling "daddy daddy, please stop drinking". The bum handed her a dollar for her performance and talked to the parents for a second (my guess was to say keep an eye on your children).

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Hey thanks for doing this and thank you for your service! Not sure if you guys get admiration for your service but I know the soldiers here in the states get the short side of the stick often so first and foremost thank you for your service.

I know the general response is you cannot move or be touched. But has there ever been a time where you had to move from your post to handle an emergency or deal with the public? or ever a situation where you had to break, for lack of better word, character and interact with a civilian?

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A few years ago Redjacket Arms was developing an AR that has the gas system of the AK-47 to allow it to fire in any condition. They were working with a government contract and the goal was to give them to state side guards. Specifically for desert like conditions.

Now since I see trees and foliage I assume your plant wasn't in one of the Sandy climates. But did they ever upgrade your weaponry like that or did you always just have the m4.

Secondly, what is the m4 like to fire? I've shot full auto AKs and MACs but never an AR. What are your thoughts and what is your firearm of choice.

Thank you