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Do you need to be watching the coop to know when to spring the net? Otherwise how does your own pigeon not trigger it?

Do you then keep the feral pigeon? Do you train it in the art of pigeon seduction, expanding your harem?

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OK now fellas!

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I'm so glad you get to see the movie! I wanted to wish you luck and plug what a great organization The Fanconi Anemia Fund is! Their research is helping advance treatments for many conditions, particularly cancers, not just FA. I lost my dear friend to FA/AML a couple of years ago.

How old was your sister when she died? It seems unusual (and unfortunate) that they didn't learn about the FA earlier. And how old were you when you were diagnosed?

May I add a recommendation that people sign up to become a bone marrow donor?- One of the easiest ways to save a life! www.BeTheMatch.org

Good luck with your treatments!

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I'm sorry, do you mean you CAN'T have kids while on chemo, or you shouldn't, because flipper baby? Does chemo kill your swimmer? I guess I could google this. . .

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Paul MCcartney can't read music. I'd say you're fine.