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Hi there doctor. 2nd year med student here. I am involved in addiction treatment research as it relates to medical students outlooks and views on patients with addiction disorders, specifically OUD. My research involves providing MAT training to medical students during rotations, and a separate cohort during 1st/2nd year and seeing how it impacts students views. We have promising results that show there are improved views and outlooks on patients with OUD.

However, another area of research I’m involved in is naloxone treatment research. We’ve recently found a decrease in positive outlooks from medical students in their third and fourth year when compared to first and second. We believe it may have to do with witnessing overdoses and actually being involved in the treatment of patients with OUD

My question is this - have you noticed a shift of viewpoint in recent years on how both doctors and medical students view patients with OUD while being treated, and if so, how can we minimize negative viewpoints and preconceived opinions and beliefs before they are engrained regarding patients with OUD? Thanks for reading

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That’s exactly the thing we hope to minimize with the research. It’s going to take some time, though. And don’t get me wrong, there are plenty who are willing to help and are good resources to turn to in times of need when it comes to OUD - people you can trust. The problem of the system is the other people involved who can’t trust you. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, and good luck!

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Have you ever heard of the Liber Primus or tried to decrypt it? Do you think anyone is close to cracking it?

I admittedly know very very little about the Liber Primus/Cicadia/cryptography and understand there’s been some translations, but never any explanations.