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In a "behind the episode" clip on history.com you explained that there was a documented case of an Anglo-Saxon monk being kidnapped by Vikings and later being crucified by the English. I've tweeted at you and the Vikings twitter handle about this, but I'm still waiting - can you please give us a citation to the historical record in question? I have been unable to find such a document. I am also a critic of that scene as completely historically inaccurate and dramatically unnecessary.

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Johnny, where are you from in Pennsylvania, and what towns do you most often visit while there? I see the pictures on your Instagram, and I'm curious, cause I have relatives in the same area! :)

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How do you create community with other childfree women? I'm 34 and 99% of my friends are now married mothers. I'm happy for them, but it's an alien impulse to me. Twitter has been really helpful as I try to connect with other childfree women who have, er, other priorities, but... how do you do it? Do you allow yourself to mourn over lost or lessened friendships? Do you think it's unfair to feel grief and loss over friends' decisions to create new people with some rando they just met instead of living a fabulous life filled with fabulous adventures with you, their long term friend? (I'm a bit of an advocate of boys on the side.)

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Thanks, Johnny!