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Hi Jeff ! I have a question regarding involvement in a purchase, is there an increasing trend to become highly involved in the purchase of even low value object ? I find myself doing this during the pandemic doing comparison searches for a bulb which costs 10 dollars. Is this an exception ? Or is there some underlying psychological reason isolated to me ?

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Hi , I am not sure if this question is appropriate ... But how did you figure out that you wanted to do an PHD ? I am thinking of doing a PhD but I am not sure whether I have the aptitude for it ... What do you think is the most important quality for someone who is attempting to go into research ?

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Ah that makes sense :) will check out the channel, have been meaning to get into data analysis for a long time

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Is Michael Reeves your mortal enemy ? Do u guys have fights with straws ?

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Hey Jimmy, hope you're having a great day. My question is how do I convince people in my circle to join this ? Or do I wait and watch till it goes viral ?