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PillarofPositivity52 karma

My experience with the police has been nothing but positive, especially when it comes to weed.

Well either that or the police that have stopped us are incredibly stupid.

Literally zero of the times i have been caught with weed i have been arrested.

Just walking down the street with a fairly large joint [obvious enough it wasnt a cigerette] i have been asked for ID to show i was 18 and then moved on.

Police officers have walked up to us in parks while we are obviously smoking but not bothering us and maybe mentioning to clear up our rubbish or complimenting us on having a rubbish bag with us.

Maybe a sly comment about being aware of any children around us.

Been caught with weed in stop and searches and they've just let us go as they were just looking for weapons or harder drugs.

Hell at the Summer Solstice party i've had multiple police officers shine a torch to make it easier to roll a joint for me.

MY experience has overwhelmingly been, if you aren't causing trouble and are keeping to yourself and being tidy they will let you off.

PillarofPositivity44 karma

Yeh absolutely.

Now that the US has legalised it in places with zero issues, apart from running out of stock that is, the arguments against legalisation are losing the little credibility they had.

So im optimistic about the future, especially if Labour or the Lib Dems get more power in the next elections.

PillarofPositivity8 karma

fairly diverse and affluent area

Kinda, it is a kinda well off area but also has a lot of poverty and we are one of the top ten worst disparities between average wage and house pricing in the country.

So yeh, we are lucky that our Police is rather ambivalent on drug use if you aren't hurting anyone.

Completely speculative but i think partly its because in our area we have multiple events where thousands to tens of thousands of hippies come from all over the world to our small area every year.

How many issues do the police have from the stoners? Pretty much zero unless you count the occasional person camping in a public park.