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What was your gut feeling about how Jewish people were mistreated? Did you ever voice this to anyone?

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Stupid new reddit rules!!! I really wanted to know what /u/rhubarbcharb's mom did!

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$1.09/gallon?!?! Holy shit. Lucky.

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Awesome! :)

Had you read the book, "Wild," by Cheryl Strayed (or saw the movie with Reese Witherspoon? If so, did you find the book/film to be accurate or wildly fiction?

Did you journal while you hiked?

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Hello Grandmother,

  • Did your husband suffer nightmares from his experiences in the SS?

  • Did your husband have regrets that he shared with you?

  • Was your husband's family a member of the NSDAP?

  • Could your brother have suffered from Lupus? Does Lupus run in your family?

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!!!!