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Just wanted to chime in here and say "Thank You" for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Good luck with the satellites.

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You say you are writing books on gravity... My admittedly tiny experience (mostly watching shows like NOVA) seems to indicate that there is no such thing as gravity and that what we experience as an attractive or pulling force is actually a pushing force that comes from the warping of space-time. This, I thought, was one of Einstein's greatest breakthroughs... am I utterly wrong to think of gravity in this way?

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Thanks so much for doing this AMA! When I was younger Nat Geo was the shining beacon of environmental science and a gateway for my young mind to visit far off cultures.

Now that Nat Geo is owned by Rupert Murdoch I have less faith in the organization as a whole.

Could you tell us anything that changed for employees when ownership changed? Are you able to assuage my fears that I can no longer get the whole truth from Nat Geo on issues such as climate change?

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You have accomplished so much in your life and career, meeting some of the coolest people on the planet and working at one of the coolest jobs there is.

What do you still wish to accomplish? What is left for you to conquer?

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Thanks so much for this reply!!!