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Pineapple belongs on pizza. Just not my pizza.

Diplomacy 100

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We found the sex researcher fetishist guys.

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I've noticed that historical price tracking does not display special discounts such as black Friday, cyber Monday etc., and the alert is not triggered when discounts happen due to these amazon in house promotions.

Is this something they have coded intentionally so it is invisible to camel? Could you explain why this would be the case?

Thanks for the great site!

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My tennis bag would be a good place ;) naa, if they go to charity that would be great.

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Hi Andy! It's great to see a tennis player doing an AMA. My questions:

How do you see technology changing tennis? We've seen a couple big names, like sony, entering the 'trackables' market with their sensor. Your pulse play has a similar concept. Do you think this 'digitalization' will affect pro players? Will we see real-time stats of say, Nadal's spin rate, power, etc, with live tv coverage?

Do you see tennis integrating any other technology? An idea I've had is that they should run software on video feeds to emphasise the ball more, to make it more viewer friendly on tv. The balls could be painted with a photo sensitive pigment that really lights up on screen, making it appear larger, or really bright, but looks normal otherwise.

Another idea is to line major center courts with an array of say 50-100 GoPro cameras to create real time matrix-like 3D angle swinging. It could be interesting to track the ball in this way, or for replays.

Hawkeye should run real time and immediately call out balls, eliminating the need for line judges.

Do you see technology significantly affecting tennis in these ways?