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No clue. I tend to stay away from humans, both in life and in stock photos 😂

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I have done two weddings. That was enough for me to decide that if someone wants me to photograph their wedding, from now on they're gonna be paying 2x the usual rate for me. 😶 they were beautiful occasions...but the work, and the stress...and so many people...so, so many people...

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I tend to photograph a really wide range of stock, however, my most recent videos have been of a vegan vegetable stock. Slow-motion? I think yes.

Bonds, mutual funds, and ETF's aren't really for me. I like to stay away from the financial sector. Vegetable stock is where it's at.


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Hmm...probably this one, or one from this shoot! https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/funny-silly-man-blue-eyes-looks-1264487305?src=JkobSwwXKz1fsHU0-MaMMw-1-0

And this wasn't staged. He said he was going to take a bath, I came upstairs 20 minutes later, and found him in a tub overflowing with bubbles!

I tend to not take those really weird stock photos that you sometimes see. I personally find it to be a waste of time, because the market for them seems so small. I'd rather invest my time taking and editing photos that I really enjoy, i.e. dogs & nature/wildlife. This is the path I want to pursue anyways, so adding the really strange stock photos to my collection just seems a bit out of place when it's next to a bird and a dog.

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I made that video and uploaded it about a week ago! 😉