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Hey! My son just left the cath lab at your place of work. He's thinking of getting his CRNA at some point!

Also, if you haven't, do yourself a favor and watch Dr. Glaucomfleckon. His videos are hilarious! Here are the ones about Anesthesiology.

How to Ace Your Anesthesiology Residency Interview

Anesthesia On/Off Switch

Surgery vs Anesthesia: Add-Ons

The Anesthesiologist Goes to Therapy

Hanging out with the anesthesiologist

Surgery has an add-on

anesthesia vs ortho

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I'm an old-school gamer. Back in the day (college - late 80s to early 90s) I helped run cons, volunteered at TSR the week before GenCon (oh, the stories!), was an RPGA lackey for GC, and basically had a blast gaming!

Then I graduated and real-life took over.

Some of my old gaming buddies and I have considered starting up the old campaign again. If we wanted to upgrade from AD&D 2nd ed, which edition should we invest in? I don't even know what's current...