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Phlutteringphalanges35 karma

I grew up in a Toronto suburb but moved to Labrador in my mid-twenties. What surprised me is that it was like a whole different Canada. It also surprised me how blind many Canadians are to what goes on inside their own country. My mind was blown.

To be honest, I think what surprised me most was the rate of tuberculosis among the Inuit population. I don't live in Labrador anymore but when I discuss TB with my co-workers they're always shocked to learn that it's a serious health concern for certain groups in their own country.

Were you ever surprised to learn that TB isn't as big as issue for other populations in Canada as it is for the Inuit? I'm sorry if that's presumptuous.

Phlutteringphalanges3 karma

I have a few questions:

  1. What's your scope of practice like on board? Is it comparable to the scope you have in Canada? I have a lot of physician coworkers from South Africa who say the scope of nurses there is a lot more restricted.

  2. When I look at open nursing positions on their website it says that they prefer a minimum commitment of two years. How have you been getting shorter contracts? Do they make much of a push for longer ones or are they happy with the time you can give?

  3. Mercy Ship's website says they're a faith-based charity. How does this affect the care these ships provide? Does their care have religious undertones? I'm not sure how to phrase this nicely but do they force Christianity on their staff or patients?