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Almighty, then.

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All the best words have hard "K" sounds.

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I believe when Nolan hires Zimmer, he expects the composer to be very involved throughout the entire scoring process. It's no secret that Zimmer has an entire team of people working for him that do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Perhaps Zimmer couldn't give the kind of commitment that Nolan requires, and they amicably decided that he should only do one or the other.

I heard a rumor that Nolan explicitly told Zimmer during Interstellar that he wanted him to write the music and not one of his subordinates. Don't know how true that is but there ya go.

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If I may add... he once said he didn't even notice the filmmaking allusions in Inception until it was pointed out to him, but that it was probably working through his subconscious since it's life and passion.

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This is really wonderful.