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"Yeah, about the test...

The test will measure whether you are an informed, engaged, and productive citizen of the world, and it will take place in schools and bars and hospitals and dorm rooms and in places of worship. You will be tested on first dates, in job interviews, while watching football, and while scrolling through your Twitter feed. The test will judge your ability to think about things other than celebrity marriages, whether you’ll be easily persuaded by empty political rhetoric, and whether you’ll be able to place your life and your community in a broader context. The test will last your entire life, and it will be comprised of the millions of decisions that, when taken together, will make your life yours. And everything, everything, will be on it" -/u/thesoundandthefury

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Can you tell me about the episode John Hodgman ended up on (and winning!) He felt like such a last-minute addition, wedged in as a third guest on one side of the set. Was he a surprise? Did he just show up and hit it off with Stephen at the pub the night before filming?

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How have the actions of the police been different in this case when compared to other fatal home invasions handled by the department?

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What critical threshold of contributing "minds" do you have to draw from to be confident in a decision? Does the level of knowledge of each of those minds contribute to the overall confidence, much or any?

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Is there a any difference between "conflict of interest" and "potential conflict of interest"? Does it have to be acted on to be problematic, or is the mere association or opportunity itself equally as undesirable?