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PhilipJWitow1 karma

How hard was it to give up your original career, and what sort of plan did you follow to make sure you could give it up and still take care of yourself? (For example, did you work part-time? Did you have lots of savings? Did you just move back in with your parents?)

I myself would love to give up my job and pursue my dream, but when I think about the amount of money I'd be losing due to not earning a salary, and also just the risk of not being happy when I finally do finish reskilling myself -> It scares the hell out of me.

PhilipJWitow1 karma

I was surprised to read that they're removing the bereavement criteria for Major Depressive Disorder, but when I find things like this: http://www.dsm5.org/Documents/Mood%20Disorders%20Work%20Group/Bereavement%20Exclusion%20Debate%20-%20W.Coryell.pdf, they seem to back up their decisions with research and findings.

Similarly, the removal of Asperger's syndrome seems to be backed up by what others have posted in this thread based on research.

I assume that this is the case for all their changes (research-based changes), so I'm just curious whether your disputes are actually just your own personal disagreements and you're just pandering to people who are uneducated on the matter. I can't seem to fault their changes.

Does your book go into any depth on research suggesting the opposite of these findings, and can it accurately dispute the research suggesting these changes? For example, how do you explain the Asperger's removal and the removal of the bereavement clause when the information seems to suggest this change is logical?