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Maybe this has been asked before but here it goes. Why do the powers that be, especially in Europe, still keep touting austerity, even though it's been proven to be a failure? Is it to bust unions and otherwise take us back to the 19th Century re: employee protections?

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I haven't read the book yet, or seen the movie(it's opening here later this week), so I was wondering how you got into Pakistan, Somalia and the other countries you visited in making "Dirty Wars." Did any of the governments, such as they are, give you major problems?

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I'm curious of something. You write, and do documentaries, about inequality yet speak in front of those advocating outsourcing. How do you square the two since outsourcing leads to lower wages(wage arbitrage)?

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Looks like someone has:


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Speaking of The Corporal, do you think he's a Mossad agent at present?