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I have a headache (migraines/tension/clusters) at least 15-20 days out of the month. When should I be concerned enough to really pressure my doctor? They usually ask how much Excedrin I'm taking, tell me to drink more water, etc. It's frustrating that I can't seem to find relief, and I'm wondering if I should go in with suggestions for treatment or how to go about working on a treatment plan.

Also, I find it much more difficult now to differentiate my migraines with tension headaches since they seem to happen on top of each other - how can I manage that pain and tell the difference between all of the aches...in my head.

Lastly, I take CBD/THC to help mitigate the pain, but people always express concern it may be causing rebounding, any thoughts?

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I'd think that would affect the done-ness of food, so if somebody undercooked a protein or something, then the lamp would provide some finishing that was unintended.

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Absolutely! Sabotage.

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Thank you for your kind response and willingness to give me some direction. I will definitely hang in there, I just seem to have become "comfortable" with it, like this is how it's going to be. But with everyone's suggestions, I do feel like there is a possibility for getting some relief and a treatment plan in place.

First thing first, *looking up my symptoms on WebMd*.... andddd it's a tumor. All jokes aside, thank you.

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Hi Tristan,

Big fan of your work with SafariLive, username Bri Bri.

If you weren't guiding, what is another "dream job" could you see for yourself?

Thank you for all that you do, it is an honor to watch you each day, with your wealth of knowledge and passion for the wildlife around you.