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I am tired of all of these young people. The following are steps I would like to see happen.

-Have your security check social security and AARP cards at the gates.

-Shut the music off at 6 pm. Nothing good ever happens after 6 pm.


Can you please confirm here and now that Gov Ball will prioritize its seniors?

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Did the attendance being low the day Tool headlined turn you off from booking more hardrock/metal acts? I was really hoping for System of a Down or Metallica this year.

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How close to the lineup release did Kanye drop out? Did you try to build the stage he wanted so he would stick around? What acts were you considering to replace him and why did you settle on Tyler? Hes cool, but hes not a very strong headliner..

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Keanu Reeves has said that Bill and Ted 3 will be released next summer.

Can you please book Wyld Stallyns for 2020? This should be your top priority for the next year.

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Id be down for that. just turf the place