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My heart fluttered and my legs weakened.

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Turn around time on average is anywhere from a week to two weeks. However, when big shots appear we are warned ahead of time and give a lot longer to work on them in order to bring up the quality. We try and use as much of our assets as we can to always speed up our workflow. This way we have speed, consistency and quality. As far as freedom goes, it's amazing here. Some notes literally say "Make this look cool!" As an artist it's one of the most amazing things to hear.

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I feel like decaps are so fast that you can't see all the work that goes in it. Especially the setup that was made for them was quite complex. As far as easy maybe some of the angel smites. I don't know how hard they actually look, but they're pretty straight forward.

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u/AnsleyCG is a shady guy, I suspect him to be trying something out.

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I'll add on to this with some of the compositing perspective. I really enjoy making looks for eyes. Yes, they can be simple but when done well it can make a scene look really cool. But I also love doing complex work such as the underwater scene we had in the last episode. Any brain crunch and complexity of a shot is what makes it really fun, at least for me. But sometimes you need those fun little ones like eyes :)