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Hi! I'm an ICU nurse and I look after cancer patients quite frequently. I'm so happy to hear you are doing well and are recovering. How was your stay in ICU and do you think there is anything that could have been done to make you more comfortable there? I know it's not the most comforting place in the world so I'm interested to hear what could be done better

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Oh I'm so glad you had a good experience! Pain relief is thankfully something we are pretty great at because we can give higher doses than the ward and ICU nurses can give pain relief without consulting a doctor which speeds up the process somewhat. Things have definitely tightened up COVID wise now :P

I really hope you have a fab recovery and never need to go back again!

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Oh don't worry, I was a ward nurse for 2.5 years before going to ICU and I'm 100% aware that the workload is crazy and time is pressed and pain relief is not left because of any fault of the nurse. What I meant more was that some of the reason our pain relief is better is because the beside nurse can give what they deem is needed without double checking out getting a Dr to prescribe and this saves so much time. Plus we only have one patient so their pain is the only pain that matters to us. I am in no way saying that we are better for any other reason at analgesia

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That sounds like it was really scary. It is so hard to see someone you know and love that sick. Oscillators are amazing but it is hard to watch people on them. I'm so glad that he came out of it and that the nurses there supported you through it all

Part of our job is to be the person who answers the 1001 questions that pop into your head when your loved one is so ill

I'm really glad that he came out the other end, though I'm sure it changed both your lives forever

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I'm so sorry for your loss. It's such an awful disease and we see how hard it is on both the family and the patient. I'm really glad the nurses there were able to help you all through it

<3. I hope you all are doing well