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Holy shit Nate's Swap n Shop on Reddit!! I have been going to these swap meets over half my life. I don't know if I can even think of any questions since I've bought and sold here so many times. So I guess this is more of a 'thank you for everything'!

My dad and I used to shop here then we started selling. Did that for a while then got an antique store booth nearby and eventually bought that shop. This place seriously had such a huge effect on me. I even wrote about it for my college admission essay. It's really impressive it's still open every weekend. So huge shout out to all of you involved keeping it going. I'll be back again soon :D

This sub says I have to think of a question, so here goes: Does Nate have any connections to Boulevard Swap or are they a competitor? A lot of flipper buddies converted over to there but I never cared for it. But I've heard some talk about coming back. Have you noticed any upticks in biz in the last year, or has business stayed steady?

Bonus round question: Favorite food truck in the lot?

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I was a quiet awkward kid, but developed a lot of communication and business skills buying and selling at the swaps. Especially since I grew up in the sticks surrounded by rednecks and farmers. At the age of 12 I was talking to all sorts of different cultures. Gave me a huge appreciation for cultural variety that a lot of my peers back home didn't develop. Or at least until later. That's what my essay was about. I had seen the world out there and I had to get into it. Fucking forty thousand dollar essay.

Also fostered a deep love of all sorts of music thanks to all the different people blasting their car stereos. Much more than just the country radio my dad listened to. And these days I have over a thousand vinyl records and I bought my first one at Nate's. Queen's greatest hits for $1!

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I think a lot of people aren't really aware of just how much significance is placed on war bonnets. I will admit that I didn't know just how sacred they were until only recently with a big debacle involving the Flaming Lips and the OK governor's daughter's picture. I think most people get that they're a sign of importance, but miss the scale of that importance.

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I used to flip games from here all the time, but haven't in years. Same thing for garage sales. Too much competition.

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Hell yes we are the children of Nates!