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Billy sounds like a kid giving a book report on a book he didn't read with this answer.

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The premise of the article is that Robert Downey Jr should have been completely aware that this was coming, was told as much, and was completely unreasonable for acting like he did in addition to being an irritable and unfriendly prima donna.

Assuming his sideswiped reaction was totally contrived and giving you every other benefit of the doubt - you still failed miserably as an interviewer. Of course every interviewer wants to expand beyond the typical "how are you like Iron Man" questions - the trick is to make him feel comfortable in doing so and ease into it.

Approaching the questions like you are about to tell him that you impregnated his 15 year old daughter is an utter failure to do either, not to mention strong reason to suspect that such questions weren't a natural expectation from either of you.

It doesn't help that you're doing a reddit AMA now - something people often do to try seize and capitalize on whatever publicity they've either created or come across. Next time you want to sell us on this angle make sure the interviewee isn't asking you why you appear as you are about to shit yourself in the preamble to the totally expected and agreed upon questions you are about to ask.

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I no longer see the ability to search cables by country, maybe it is still there but I see that the cables/leaks have been organized differently - but as of a few months ago there were over 10,000 cables related to USA and about 60 cables for Russia - the most recent of which dated back to 2008 and none of which were particularly impactful. How do you account for this disparity?

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I just watched the whole thing carefully and no one turned their back. I'm guessing you simply misremember the incident and that you're not lying like an 8th grader so you can sound all hardcore.

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What kind of influencers and where did you find them?