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PepperoniMozz23 karma

hey hey...

i switched to dry herb vaping couple of months ago. with these changes i realized also changes within me. before vaping bud, i mixed the weed with (very) small amounts of tobacco.

now it feels like my memory is much clearer, i dream and have a good dream recall, which is amazing. i also feel that my mood stabilized and cravings(from the tobacco) stopped. most obvious is the state of my lungs/sinuses

the weird downsides:

my facial skin is worse, lots of pimples, overall very sensitive. more mucus builds up and its very thick, snots balls.

do you have any insights why my dream recall is surprisingly good and why my skins and sinuses are so much affected by vaping?

PepperoniMozz1 karma

maybe a little bit more stress, higher cortisol levels and most definitely weird sleep patterns

but most amazingly dream recall and memory consolidation. might this be an effect of me switching to vape?


thank you very much for your answe. i also suspect that lots of negative side-effects of cannabis use is because of combustion.