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daft punk #confirmed for bonnaroo 2015

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Hey, guys! Thanks for doing this. My question is significantly more general: what's your long-term vision for the festival? How do you see it evolving over the next couple of years? (i.e., do you think you'll be focusing on booking more acts from a particular genre of music? Introducing new experiences? Developing a new aesthetic for the festival?)

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are you trying to say that you're going to mail pieces of daft punk to us with our tickets? that is beyond fucked up

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Too easy. Daft Punk in 2017, Taylor Swift as a surprise sonic stage act on Sunday.

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Hi! Thanks for doing this guys. Ashley Capps, recently in an interview you stated that you had a 'white whale' you were going after in terms of booking. I'm not going to press you on that one in particular, lest it gets jinxed - but in general, what types of acts are you looking to book in the future, especially in the headlining tier? For example, do you see an EDM or a current mainstream pop headliner in Bonnaroo's future at all? Or are you interested in sticking with your current strategy?