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Pendulous_balls25 karma

Literally no one is asking him questions. He’s just spam posting his own thread with irrelevant links and nonsense. It’s actually pretty sad. This dude was so ready to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame but didn’t realize that it never existed in the first place.

Pendulous_balls8 karma

The saddest thing about this whole bit is that no one knew who is was before, and even (especially) after the explanation, he’s still a nobody.

”I yelled at a stranger once”

Imagine being so pathetic that you are proud of acting like a child with bad manners. So proud that you post on reddit to try to stretch out those 15 minutes.

Pendulous_balls7 karma

I bet the women are lining up at your door for a chance to be with such a brave and fierce social justice warrior.

Pendulous_balls2 karma

dot tumblr dot com

Lmao this dude isn’t even gonna shell out $17 for a domain name hahaha