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I had no idea about your mom's passing, sorry to hear about that.

I'm the guy who commented on one of your last videos that couldnt do more than 5 pushups and now one year later can do 23 repairs of 3 sets while weighting 23kgs lighter, I followed most of your exercise tips on your channel.

I have a progress pic post on my profile but it's a bit outdated now, feel free to check it out if you wish.

I will check out those books too.

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It's this one here:


I don't know why it's not showing though, i haven't hidden it.

That was back when I weighted under 99kgs so it's a bit outdated, now I'm at 89kgs and pushing myself to conquer those final 10kgs.

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Thank you bro, it hasn't been easy and I struggled for a lot of days on top of my weight loss slowing down like molasses, but at least it hasn't been halted yet.

As a matter of fact, as of today I'm cracking into the 88kgs territory!

I think I should get where I want to be in August or September.

Then, I gonna bulk the fuck up, I want muscles...Nothing exagerated though, somewhere around Hampton's body physique is more than enough for me.

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And why do you think Tom Hanks was casted?