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Pebbledash228 karma

Can’t express how much I appreciate the work you’re doing—gives hope to an under-served community.

I’ve never used AMA, so apologies if I’m not following protocol with the bucket-load of questions!

  1. Any indications that the treatment might work for those with Idiopathic forms?
  2. As nerves heal (regenerate) is there an increase in sensations, such as a temporary rise in pain?
  3. Is there a point when nerve damage is too far gone to improve? Does duration of condition affect healing—have you studied subjects with, say, a decade or more of neuropathy? When is "too long?"
  4. Any recommendations for supplements while awaiting approved treatments?
  5. Do you have compelling evidence that your animal studies will translate to humans?

Pebbledash24 karma

On behalf of JK: Even if you could regenerate the nerves wouldn't you also have to repair the micro-vascular system since that is what causes the damage?
Does their drug do this?

Thank You.

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For Lerch19 (from the other board):

I echo Pebbledash2's appreciation for what you're doing. Neuropathy patients are poorly served by the currently available treatments. Thanks in advance for considering these questions:

1 A re there human trial results available or due soon?

2 Is it possible to get involved in any future trials?

3 What would be a realistic time frame for the drug to be available for prescription?

4 Do you anticipate your drug being available for Idiopathic neuropathy as opposed to diabetic neuropathy?


Pebbledash21 karma

When do you hope the final trails (phase 3) will start and end?

Pebbledash21 karma

I wonder too if there might ultimately be an oral/topical combo. I hear that the company is also thinking about a spray-on application which would be more flexible than a lotion.