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How do you fit a disguise to the right person? Or the right person to a disguise?

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I have/had PTSD (I am in recovery) and it gets better. Believe me. I know you might not think so, but just do it. When you call the health lines, they can guide you to centers for free medical care, including therapy. Perhaps your writing could progress into a form of therapy, too, as you get out you thoughts and memories. BTW you're totally handsome. Not appropriate? Yeah, maybe.

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Do you ever get calls from people who just want to talk? Do you have repeat callers or callers who specifically ask for you?

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Agreed, your English is awesome! And don't feel like you are ostracized in any way because people here want to take you from side A to side B of belief, while you are young and coming into your own beliefs as a human. These people aren't right. Your parents and therapists aren't right. YOU and your thoughts are right. Love yourself, and feel blessed (note: I am NOT right) that you have such a unique world view.

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Have you ever had a very mysterious call?