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PaulEDangerously21 karma

Why are you not keeping the Junkie XL name?

How often do you get together with Hans and are you guys close friends?

Also when watching a movie for fun are you constantly critiquing the music in movies you watch with what you would have done differently?

What was it like working with Gary Clark Jr.? Why was he picked for "Come Together"? Were you a fan of his before working with him? I've gone to so many of his concerts before he teamed up with you and when I found out he was working with you I thought it was so random and awesome! Have you talked with him since or gone to his concerts? Any plans to work with him again in the future? He seems like a chill guy to work with.

Lastly, are you composing Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead?

PaulEDangerously8 karma

That’s awesome!! Thank you for answering my questions! Good luck with everything!