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Illegal aliens cost US taxpayers $125+ billion annually which places a massive burden on social services for citizens and legal immigrants such as schools and hospitals. This impact generally disproportionately impacts the African American and Hispanic communities.

What is your strategy to end illegal immigration without physical barriers?

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As someone who gate-checks their bags almost every flight, how much (if any) does this piss off agents?

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Why won't you allow the public to inspect the original content as other sites such as Wikileaks?

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All of our stories go through a rigorous fact and legal checking process, and are only published if they meet the highest journalistic standard.

It is a little hard to believe when there is no way to fact check and generally the stories published target a narrow segment of society via selective reporting, based on other information that has been made public through other outlets.

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Systems that host sites like Reddit (where you are ironically holding your AMA) are architected to violate the principals of 'Network Neutrality' (paid fast lanes). How do you suggest major sites operate with the inability to pay for content delivery prioritization on tier-1 and tier-2 networks?