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I am 100% Canadian and have recently become a father with a British woman. Does Canada have any provisions like the UK does when it comes to caring for a child? ie. I could get a work visa for UK since she's British and the child is there. I would love to have a larger part in raising my son, here in Canada.

From the UK immigration site:

Coming to look after your child Your child must be under 18 and living in the UK

You must prove that you’re not able to apply as a partner and that either:

a) you’re the only parent of the child and you’re the only person who’s responsible for them (you have ‘sole responsibility’) b) your child lives permanently with another parent or carer who’s British or settled in the UK and not your partner, and you want to help raise them

You must be able to support and accommodate yourself without claiming public funds.

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Thank you very much for this answer, and for all the answers you've given in this AMA (and in consulting that comes from this AMA).