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That picture is skewed. The thickness of that last uptick that is supposed to represent the human factor influence since industrial revolution and it is like a few millions years old wide.

A quick google search tells me: "The global warming experienced by the planet over the past 150 years has undone all the global cooling that happened over the past six millennia"

So we're supposed to be at the same point we were just 6000years ago we're far from talking millions of years here.

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Have you ever heard about the possibility that fasting (very long ones, weeks long) could starve cancer cells, stop them from multiplying and then autophagy kicks in and eat up the cancer?

Im not saying it works, no one actually really knows, but after reading on the subject I always wonder : if I would be in a situation where I had no others options left would I try that? Honestly I think I would give it a shot as it seems science hasn't caught up to this yet and no studies have yet to be done to prove or disprove it.

The snakediet guy claims he has had people fasting their cancer out, maybe it's true, butIm guessing they were nowhere as advanced as yours.

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There was 2miles of ice above North America 12,000years ago....

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There are those that say that climate is changing.

There are those who say climate isn't changing.

But my take is climate is changing at a faster rate than it is supposed to, because of humans... But it was going to change anyway eventually. I guess we can try to mitigate and slowdown the change but the change is inevitable, at some point, maybe it would ve taken 10times longer to reach that point, I admit, but those glacier were gonna melt eventually with or without humans.

I feel like, as humans, we are arrogant trying to think we'll control climate like that. And we're narrow minded because we didn't see the earth change over thousands or millions of years because of such short lifetime. Earth is insanely dynamic and it's constantly living through Insane climate changes and it drives me crazy seeing the environmental trend where people expect the earth to just stay the same... Earth has never done that before, why do we think it should?

I guess what I'm trying to say is we kinda fucked up where we released lots of carbon quickly in the atmosphere so we changed the speed at which change will occur, why not concentrate our effort into preparing for how the climate will change, because it will no matter what?