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In your opinion, will clean water scarcity lead to war? If so, how soon?

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Thanks for asking my other questions. A couple more I just thought of:

1) how much does the city of NY charge for a permit to operate a food truck? 2) how is it determined where the food truck can park and operate? 3) where does the food truck park at night or on off days?

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I don't even know where to begin. Amazing story. So here goes: 1) how old are you? 2) from an annual income perspective, what's the most and least you've ever made in a given year? 3) what's the shakiest thing you did or saw at that "Wolf of Wall Street" type place?

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Have you seen the movie with Jon Favreau, in which he's a great chef who falls on hard times and decides to open a food truck (which of course is a huge success)? If so, what did you feel/think?

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How many hours/miles do you and your dogs have to train every day or week? Is it an expensive hobby?