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Mostly its because we dont actually care. If its packaged correctly and has the black diamond on the box and says "ground" on the label, im tossing it in the trailer/truck (depending on preload/local sort). We all just want to get it done and go home.

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is Bethel the big thing in NY? one of my bestfriends is a jehovah witness and all he ever wanted to do was go to NY to do the whole JW shit. He was the most athletic kid ive ever met. Great at anything he ever tried. Could have gone to any college with a scholarship in any sport. His parents never let him play on the teams because "Jehovah always comes first" Dumbest shit ever. Great kid though.

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Shiiiit man we killed it this season! It was crazy as fuck though.

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You shouldnt be getting downvoted... But he has said his grandmother and mother were diagnosed prior to him

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Does Snutchy have a chance??! Reddit must know!