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This is similar you another question asked. You mentioned that cows are very intelligent. Can you give use some examples of what makes you see cows as intelligent? Share some stories with us!

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That is hilariously adorable! Thank you for sharing!

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Yeah and they they aren't really answering the questions anyway it's almost like they are linking to random things or linking to YouTube videos or saying we can't share information about that or answering and a really obscure way it's very annoying to me

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That article on "inherently funny words" feels so incomplete! The entire time I was reading waiting for an example word and the only one they give is "Alka seltzer"... alka seltzer doesn't seem like an inherently funny word to me. Very strange article lol.

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Tell me, what did you think of the mahoosuc notch? Isn't it supposed to be the "longest mile" of the AT?