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PartyMonsterAdore262 karma

First off, I'm a huge fan of your work--I feel like your absence has left a huge hole in a land where credibility and reliability is king. When was the "oh shit" moment where you realized that people/downloaders really took a notice of your name and work?*

Edit: *That is if you had one at all, I assume you did.

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What self improvements do you see yourself making so that you can collect more garbage in the future, Mr. Trash Wheel?

Side note: I'm a big fan of your work.

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Oh man. I have so many of their tags in my pirated movie library.

PartyMonsterAdore2 karma

Like hmmm, my mum don't know your mum, stop telling man you're my cousin.

PartyMonsterAdore1 karma

Do you ever have to translate personal conversations or ones that have turned...too personal?