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Go to the gold sellers that vietnamese use and they do have better deals than bank. But it isnt much so not worth it for foriengers.

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He would be fine and have a great time. I am an American that lives in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam. I go over to peoples houses that have brothers that died in the war. Never had someone be rude because I am american, always friendly. It is very safe here for Americans. When kids find out I am american sometimes they ask me. Do you know usa and vietnam went to war? I say yes. They will quickly say we won. It is a huge source of pride for the kids. Called the American war here.

If I was him I would go to phu quoc, saigon, da nang, hanoi and ha long bay. Maybe also angkor wat in cambodia because so close and worth it to see.

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Any problems building game for ps or xbox? As a unity user never have gotten to build to those devices.