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How much of the ash do you put into the materials, is there a perfect ratio? Also, slightly morbid, but does any of it end up around your workspace, making you surrounded by dead people? This is a fairly touchy subject for society as we revere our dead so how do you deal with this, if it is a problem.

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Just hopping in here to say that this is one of the better AMAs I've read, thanks for answering and not only plugging your book

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Do you see this as the replacement of all transportation or will cars and bikes still play their own role in commuting?
Do you see this as the first of many new methods of transportation?

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Keep on sharing, we'll soak it all up :)

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I know electrical engineers who did tangential internships during/after their studies and still got employment and graduated successfully, so don't sweat too much.

Engr job > IT job >> no job