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Why do you and people like you treat tigers and wild animals like you do? Y'all treat them like some sort of pass into manipulating people into doing what you want.


you're exploiting them under the false premise of conservation. It's fucking sickening seeing people like you, Joe and Doc pretend to care about these tigers and animals when you're all egotistical man-children.

How do you live with yourself?

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Horticulture graduate here. There's no scientific basis for the flushing. What's going on is the majority of growers are way over fertilizing their plants and when they start flushing the plants senesce because they don't have the proper nutrients and start turning pretty colors (because of deficiencies).

The proper way is to not insanely over-fertilize and let the plants genetics take care of senescence.

If you want to flush, by all means flush, but there is no scientific basis and you might lose some yield.

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Not an expert but I can say though my experience that taking the suppressor once a day was like night and day. Now I can't afford my medication and I've been having outbreaks like every other week. Fucking annoying.

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Could still take upwards of 5-10 years