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I keep telling people the best thing to do is Exercise, eat well, and get a good nights sleep! Yes, a sinemet (Levodopa) does wonders! I should add vaccinate to that.

Mom's advice was always "don't sweat the small stuff, and when in comes down to it, it is all small stuff".

For me, nothing like a nice sunrise and an espresso to start the day. Life with Parkinsons and Cancer, but I still love a good sunrise and espresso to start the day!

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What is PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA)?

PBA is a condition that causes uncontrollable crying and/or laughing that happens suddenly and frequently. It can happen in people with a brain injury or certain neurologic conditions.

A person having a PBA crying spell may cry when they don’t feel sad or when they only feel a little bit sad. Someone having a PBA laughing spell may laugh when they don’t feel amused or when they only feel a little bit amused.

Parkinson's guy here. There is a term for that. Found it!

At my mother funeral, I started laughing. It was like my emotions are all scrambled, I was trying to stuff my hand in my face to keep noise down. My sister, hospice RN, knew what is was and covered for me by putting her arm around me and saying we all saddened by Mom's death. I was wtf is wrong me? My siblings understood, rest of the extended family wasn't sure.

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I have a card with "MEDICAL ALERT I have Parkinson's, which could me move slowly and have difficulty standing or speaking. I am not intoxicated"

Thankfully no one seems to question if my dog is a real service dog or not! Old photo, shaved head due to brain surgery (Deep Brain Stimulation).

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No OP, but thank you!

When I sit down and write things, I can pause and correct my words. I hopefully sound reasonably intelligent.

In conversation I will have a hard time processing sounds/words. Hence my responses may be off tangent, or I swap words around. Quite honestly people think I'm an idiot at times. Medication wears off, fatigue, and words start to slur. Assumption is I am drunk. Fawk. It's frustrating at times.

I'm still working as an Electronic Engineer, but restrict myself to written correspondence. Just helps things go smoother, and when customer demand to speak to me in person I just explain "sorry, I have a hearing issue"

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For depression, anti-depressants got me out of a deep dark pit. It is hard to explain, but fawk that was a bad time in my life. Dad died from cancer, marriage fell apart, I went into an abyss. Grateful to friends who realized I needed help, and followed through with me.

I still fight depression, but found exercise (which produces dopamine and endorphins) helps. Just getting outside walking with my dog is a huge boost for me.

Irony is I am pretty upbeat. Living with Parkinson's and Cancer, but I just enjoy life. Beats the alternative!