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Wow, like the entire US history could fit in a couple 100year old man's lives, kinda crazy

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Hi there,
i'm in the process of having some land, but it's a land where corn was grown (up to 2 month ago).
How do you start at reforesting it ??

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First of all, thanks, i wasnt expecting an answer 1 day late! ^^

May i ask some specifications about what you said ?

What kind of soil test are you talking about ? like soil-general-health ? Is there a name for it ?
And what kind of rock for the "rock dust" ?

i'm not sure i understood, the following sentence seems crazy to me : I should dump a foot (30cm) of woodchips on the entire land ? And then in the spring, remove it, to plant ?

For the swale part i'm gonna look at the video before asking questions xD