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There is usually a DLC collection that contains all DLC's up to the one before the last I think.

It's a tricky thing though as our policy is that people should be able to pick exactly what they want to pay for. If we only offered bundles people who already own some may be at an disadvantage. We really don't want to punish our loyal fans for the sake of newcomers by forcing them to buy extra stuff. We are constantly re-evaluating how we best can present the game though. We know that it is confusing and deterring for new players to see that list, for sure.

I know that Steam is constantly trying to improve on their systems, and I have heard rumours about some inventions of theirs that might be helpful to our situation in the future :) Fingers crossed!

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Yeah, it's popular. But as the CK2->EU4 converter showed, it's really hard to make it work properly and we have our hands full with that one so no new ones planned afaik. Again we must put our faith in the modding community to provide other ones for now. I can't express enough how grateful we are to have such awesome people creating so many wonderous things for our games.

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I guess you mean in our games, but I will ignore that due to your lack of specification and answer war mongerer Gandhi in Civ :)

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White Wolf posted on Twitter a little while ago they will also host an IAMA soon. Save your question for then I'd say.

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Start date is January 1st 2200. I wish the fungi counted their time differently, but as it turns out they don't. We asked them.